Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rug review

I don't usually get too exited about rugs.  I normally buy for necessity and cost or use gratefully recieved hand me downs.  I can often be seen, as the first cold weather comes in, rumaging in the rug room looking for that 5 foot stable rug that I'm sure I didn't throw away!

This year however, a few things have caught my eye and I thought I would share these with you.

The Weatherbeeta under rug combo full neck  is great.  One of my liveries had one and I was so impressed that I bought one for Bonnie.  She can never keep  her rugs straight but this under rug has stayed put and the neck part doesn't seem to be too restrictive which Bonnie would definitely object to.  I bought it for just over £50 and if it lasts a few years I am more than happy with that.  For great value I was tempted by the Evison Equine UK extra heavy weight turnout rug with detachable neck.  It is really warm and has really sensible buckles and clips and a velcro neck which comes off!  At £56.70 which included vat and next day delivery I am really impressed.

For pure indulgence, we all love the Horseware rambo fleece rugs. As you can see from the picture we all have one showing the range of colours, navy, chocolate, charcoal and of course, my favourite, the original gold.  They cost about £70 but we all feel as a special rug its a must!

Sometimes its the little things that help us through the winter.  Hopefully we are nearly there!

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