Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Intelligent Worming - part 2!

So, here is an update on our intelligent worming programme.  Three months have passed since our last test so I took samples from all nineteen (we have a couple of newbies) of our horses and delivered them to the vet.  I have to say I don't think the receptionist at the vets was that impressed with my carrier bag full of droppings!  The results are now in.  If you remember, last time we had two who came in with a very high count, (1200 and something) and I am pleased to announce that they came back this time at zero.  I had wormed them at the time with Equest Pramox.  My own mare, Bonnie, (pictured in the Dually halter) had a count this time of 65 and one of the school ponies was 55 so I have wormed them with Eqvalan and that's it.  Next time I may not test the ones that have had zero on both counts as there is a cost of £13.50 to do the test but it feels good to really know whats going on. It's worth noting that our team at Badshot Lea poo pick the fields religiously and I think our results show that this is  a real help.